Conservative blog writer urges Republicans to confirm Garland ASAP

With the changing political landscape and Donald Trump becoming the presumptive GOP nominee, this writer from the conservative blog RedState says that the choice now is to either confirm Merrick Garland, the current Supreme Court nominee, or watch as Hillary Clinton becomes elected and then nominates an even more liberal justice.

The writer of the blog post said Republicans should consider the fact that Garland still exists as an option “a gift,” and that Garland should be confirmed  “before it is too late.”


Republicans appear to be winning the battle over Supreme Court vacancy

Republican opposition to the Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland has remained strong, and it appears as if it will stay that way until the next president takes office.

According to television ad spending, the fight to get Merrick Garland a proper hearing and vote is dying down. This article from The Times-Picayune shows that while spending through April 14 came close to $1.6 million, that has since dropped to just one buy of $137,000.

The majority of Garland’s opposition comes from Republican senators who face re-election. They have chosen to stick with their party in the fight to allow the next president to choose the nominee, in order to avoid losing support in their election.